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Language / Currency for VirtueMart

The plugin lets you set default currency for active language. I.e. English is in EUR, Russian is in RUB.Detail informations
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This plugin changes VirtueMart currencies according to Joomla Language Switcher Module. It connects currency with language. When a user changes language, it changes the currency automatically as well.

 Language / Currencies for VirtueMart - setup

You can see the plugin setting in the image. Insert the definition of language / currency relations into Lang/Currency relations field. Language is defined by code (i.e. en-GB). You can find this codes in the Joomla! Language Manager. Currency is defined by a 3-letter code such as EUR, USD or CZK. You can find these in VirtueMart > Currency Manager. Relations between language and currency is made by simple syntax language1 > currency1, language2 > currency2,...

Example: cs-CZ > CZK, en-GB > EUR


VersionVersion createdVersion description
2.0.0 2020-05-11 Refactoring for VM3, change trigger to onAfterRoute
1.0.2 2014-11-25 14:06:09 Modified and tested for Joomla 3.4 + VM 2.9.9a, added readme
1.0.1 2013-03-01 10:11:44 Plugin trigger event changed.

Product Description

The plugin lets you set different currencies for different Joomla! languages and switches currencies as users switch the frontend language. Thus you do not experience illogical behavior, such as switching to English and seeing 2 different currencies.

For switching between languages, a default Joomla! Language Switcher module can be used.

Key Advantage

Users do not have to switch currencies when switching languages

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Language / Currency for VirtueMart 2.0.1

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