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Acymailing: Abandoned cart for VirtueMart

User actions in the Virtuemart e-shop, through which it is possible to filter and create automatic campaigns in Acymailing.

Total without tax: 1 890 Kč
Tax amount: 397 Kč
Sales price: 2 287 Kč
 (99 EUR)
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Add to Cart Link for VirtueMart

Add to Cart Link for VirtueMart

VirtueMart Add to Cart link is plugin, that adds a product to your VirtueMart cart after click on an internal link/button or a link/button from an external ...

Total without tax: 231 Kč
Tax amount: 48 Kč
Sales price: 279 Kč
 (12 EUR)
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Component for connecting eshop on Virtuemart to Balikobot (Shippment management system).

Fio banka Sync for VirtueMart

Plug-in for automatic sync of payments from Fio Bank (CZ, EUR) accounts and orders in Joomla / VirtueMart + change order status

Total without tax: 619 Kč
Tax amount: 130 Kč
Sales price: 749 Kč
 (32 EUR)
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Gift for product

The plugin allows you to display the selected product gift on the product detail and category listing and send it in the feed in the desired form

Total without tax: 488 Kč
Tax amount: 102 Kč
Sales price: 590 Kč
 (26 EUR)

Gopay for Virtuemart

The best East European payment gateway Gopay for popular e-commerce system Virtuemart. Inline version (REST API). Price without installation and setup.

Total without tax: 1 252 Kč
Tax amount: 263 Kč
Sales price: 1 515 Kč
 (66 EUR)

Gopay for VirtueMart 4 + Integration

The best Eastern European payment gateway for Phoca Cart. 50+ payment method include Apple Pay and Google Pay. With setup, installation and integration

Total without tax: 3 636 Kč
Tax amount: 764 Kč
Sales price: 4 400 Kč
 (191 EUR)

Heureka for VirtueMart/PhocaCart

Heureka orders reporting for verified by customers, Heureka Conversions tracking and Heureka Widget.

Total without tax: 899 Kč
Tax amount: 189 Kč
Sales price: 1 088 Kč
 (47 EUR)

Language / Currency for VirtueMart

The plugin lets you set default currency for active language. I.e. English is in EUR, Russian is in RUB.

Total without tax: 112 Kč
Tax amount: 23 Kč
Sales price: 135 Kč
 (6 EUR)
New version

Price history for VirtueMart

The plugin complies with the EU directive on displaying price and discount history. The plugin stores price history in a separate database table and allows to ...

Total without tax: 652 Kč
Tax amount: 137 Kč
Sales price: 789 Kč
 (34 EUR)
New version

Product Import for VirtueMart

This is a component for importing VirtueMart products from XML feeds.

Total without tax: 3 794 Kč
Tax amount: 797 Kč
Sales price: 4 591 Kč
 (199 EUR)
Product Labels for Virtuemart

Product Labels for Virtuemart

This plugin displays Top, New, Discount, Featured labels and more labels at a Virtuemart product.

Total without tax: 669 Kč
Tax amount: 141 Kč
Sales price: 810 Kč
 (35 EUR)
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